Texts written by us

1. Be happy?
2. On which side are you?
3. Looking beyond of the landscape
4. The baby Jesus? baby?
5. Hungry souls
6. The riot of the nations against God
7. Are you on the way you think you are?
8. What are modern christians seeking for?

Praise and worship

1. Praise and worship I
2. Praise and worship II

Read and listen to the Bible

1. The Holy Bible – Bible.is

Important links

1. Herald of His coming
2. Grace to you (John MacArthur)
3. HeartCry (Paul Washer)

Thought attributed to Luke

Watch your words
Because they will become your acts
Watch your acts
Because they will become your habits
Watch your habits
Because they will become your character
Watch your character
Because it will be your destination

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